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May - 16 - 2013 - Thursday


Babette’s Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing sanctuary for animals, both domestic and exotic, who are in need of a safe and healthy home.  It is our goal to provide each animal with a healthy, stimulating, safe habitat where they can live in dignity and respect.



Richard and Donna Sandler founded Babette’s Animal Rescue in 2011, after many years of rescuing and giving a safe home to many animals, both exotic and domestic.


In 1995 we took in our first exotic animal, Cookie, a female puma (cougar).  Shortly thereafter, we brought Babette home with us from a clinic that was having a very difficult time finding a home for her.  Babette was a seven year old female Hamadryas baboon.


Over the years we have taken in more cougars, lemurs, a coatimundi, bob cats, a serval, baboons, domestic cats, and dogs.

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Personal Tours

If you live near by, and would like to schedule a personal tour to meet the animals in person, please feel free to visit our Contact Us page.  Drop us a note letting us know that you would like to schedule a visit.  Because the animals have schedules themselves and so do we, all tours are by appointment only.  Thank you for understanding.

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About us

Welcome to Babettes Animal Rescue. We are very excited to have you visit us today. Go ahead and take a look around. Make sure to visit Our Animals to learn more about our various animal family.